Elementary School, National Hsinchu University of Education


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Vision Statement

Health and happiness, confidence in the profession, full-hearted participation, progress toward excellence



Take good care of yourselves; study diligently and use your brain; get along wisely with others; cherish all earthly matters; be kind to the good earth

Show self-confidence, dedicate to teaching and develop specialties; balance freedom and discipline in the art of class management; be involved in professional groups and share your knowledge with others.

Pay attention; get involved in your child's growth and development; help enrich our educational resources

Strive for excellence; be the leader in research and development; actively foster new models of educational excellence.



Elementary School, National Hsinchu University of Education




Address: No. 47 Si-Wei Road, Hsinchu City, 300 Taiwan, R.O.C.

Phone Number: (03)-5282420