Elementary School, National Hsinchu University of Education


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Established in 1940, our school seeks its students to be "healthy and happy". We emphasize on the development of students' character, democratic spirit, awareness of the rule of the law, humanity, physical strength, and creativity. Additionally, in collaboration with the Educational University’s faculty, we focus not only on research, but also real application of teachers’ training and career development.  In doing so, we have become one of the important centers of the nation’s educational experiment and curriculum development.


The school comprises the main campus and the integrated experimental campus located at Chiankong (Jiangong) Road. At the main campus, there are 24 regular classes, 4 art and special talent classes, and 1 resource class for a total of 774 students. Within the main campus, there is also a preschool, which consists of 6 classes with 174 students.  All together, the main campus has 948 students. At the integrated education campus, there are 6 elementary school classes with 102 students, and 3 preschool classes with 52 students.  Thus the whole school consists of 44 classes with 102 students plus 87 teachers and 14 staff members.

Elementary School, National Hsinchu University of Education




Address: No. 47 Si-Wei Road, Hsinchu City, 300 Taiwan, R.O.C.

Phone Number: (03)-5282420