The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Tsing Hua University

No.47 Si-Wei Rd, Hsinchu city, 300 Taiwan, R.O.C
TEL: +886 3 5282420 FAX: +886 3 5253470


1.    Leadership:

Participate and care for the society;
Effective communicators and thoughtful leaders.

2.    Inspiration:

     Chasing future dreams by being the best of us today.

     Educate to think and embrace 21st century competencies.

3.    Global Participants

    Generate global awareness in an ever-changing world.

    Understand the difference between .

4.    Honest and trustworthy

     Nurture and develop and good character.

     Demonstrate honesty, care and empathy for others.

5.    Team work and trustworthy:

    Together we learn and grow and work in teams.
   Work together to cultivate and support new ideas and opportunity.

6.    Uniqueness

    Discover and recognize the unique of every child .    

    Nurturing potential and respecting difference .

7.    Personal Excellence:

    Everyone pursue and achieve the personal best.

    Pursue Excellence in teaching and learning.