The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Tsing Hua University

No.47 Si-Wei Rd, Hsinchu city, 300 Taiwan, R.O.C
TEL: +886 3 5282420 FAX: +886 3 5253470



    Our school is dedicated to a continuing tradition of excellence in an ever-changing world. Within a safe and supportive environment, we provide a relevant, innovative and high-quality education and prepare our diverse students for future endeavors.


Mission Statement:

l  Prepare students to become responsible citizens learning in the context of a changing world.

l  Encourage students to become passionate, life-long learners.

l  Motivate students to meet challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.

l  Empower students to become thinkers and problem solvers and to collaborate with peers.

l  Provide opportunities for students to develop self-monitoring skills and independence.

l  Foster the development of principled and caring global citizens.


Our Values, Culture and Beliefs

    Students learn best when they apply their knowledge and skills to authentic tasks.

    Integrity is essential to creating and sustaining positive relationships.

    Cooperation and collaboration are essential to success.

    Honor quality and enable students to perform at their highest level of ability.