The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Tsing Hua University

No.47 Si-Wei Rd, Hsinchu city, 300 Taiwan, R.O.C
TEL: +886 3 5282420 FAX: +886 3 5253470

About our school

    With a history for more than one decade, the school has served the National HsinChu Teachers’ College faculty, staff and the community since 1937. The school is located in Hsinchu City. With a 10-minutes’ walk to University campus, students also have access to rich resources from the universities around he school. Besides, Hsinchu Science Park is also nearby.

    The school curriculum is designed by all teachers in all learning areas: Chinese, mathematics, social studies, English, science, art, P.E., computer science and music. We have a good reputation of student achievement in wind orchestra, fine art and robotic coding. Individual and creative programs are provided to meet each child’s ability. 

The school Campus

A. The First Campus: 28 classes for primary section and 6 classes for kindergarten section. Each class has 29 students. The total number of the students is 922.

B. Second campus T.O.S: 6 classes for primary section and 3 classes for kindergarten section. The total number of the students is 148.Which is conducting Jena Plan education.

Global Education

    With an increasingly competitive global education sector and a greater focus on student global awareness and development, we pursue all kinds of opportunities to build up a bridge and an educational partnership with schools from all parts of the world, so our children can learn to collaborate in an exchange curriculum, and share the same value of a global citizenship and humanity.